Food & Drink

Because, really, why not?

You know how peanut butter and chocolate go together like two birds of a feather? Well, ice cream and hot sauce may go together like a bird and whatever it is that's least like a bird in the Animal Kingdom, but don't let that stop you from hitting Boston's Heaven and Hell Takedown on August 26th.

Attend this event, and not only will you get to try both 10-15 locally made hot sauces (Dirty Dick's & Alex's Ugly Sauce are sponsor judges, but you'll be sampling from the masses) and the same number of ice creams which may or may not have been churned by your neighbor, but you'll also get to vote on a winner, giving you an unprecedented chance to exclaim with a totally straight face, "I still like Dirty Dick's!"

Best of all, if you just happen to be toiling away in your cellar making Carlos Quintana brand hot sauce, or Carlos Quintana brand .239 milk fat ice cream, and you want to enter, they've still got room for 10 more cooks, with prizes like Wusthof knives and a fancified Cuisinart ice cream maker, both of which could do some pretty serious damage to those birds of a feather.