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Tapas & South American suds in Union Square

Published On 12/16/2011 Published On 12/16/2011

Happily trading designing buildings for designing women! food, this husband/ wife duo of architects-turned-restaurateurs have transformed a vintage store into Casa B, a split-level mecca to Latin American cuisine & libations that resembles the comfortable confines of your parents home in Newton, if they threw out all of their lame furniture and replaced it with cool Latin stuff. Here's what to expect: Ambiance: The space features three main areas: A) a heavily mirrored/white-walled 25-seat street-level tapas lounge; B) a subterranean "Taverna" evoking a "cocktail/dinner party in their living room" vibe complete with blue couch, wicker chairs, and a coffee table adorned with a bowl of coconuts, presumably to help kick off anecdotes about the best VHS cassette you'd ever purchased from there (Pelican Brief!); and C) an open kitchen-fronting communal-table'd dining room flanked by a wall of dense live foliage.

Sustenance: Tapas/ pinchos/ tablas to satiate your refined palate include salted cod fritters dipped in cilantro aioli, a trio of lobster, red snapper & salmon ceviche, and smoked Spanish chorizo sauteed in Sherry w/ avocado, all finished off by Taza chocolate guava coconut truffles, but full plates won't debut until 2012. So according to John Cusack and the Mayans, you will never enjoy full plates.

Liquid Revelry: A well-curated lineup of Spanish vinos (bottles of which're artistically displayed throughout the joint) join forces with South American suds like Colombia's Aguila, Imperial from Costa Rica, and Peru's Cusquena, plus Latin 'tails like the tequila-based Picante y Cilantro blended w/ Cointreau, agave, and fresh jalapenos, which is exactly like something your parents might make, if they threw that drink out and replaced it with literally any kind of screw-top Chardonnay

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ginsburg

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1. Casa B 253 Washington St, Sommerville, MA 02143 (Union Square)

You might make Casa B your second home (get it?) after spending some time in this dual-level resto that serves their interpretation of traditional dishes from the Spanish Caribbean, most of which is meant to be shared and eaten sans utensils.



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