Bacon-studded burgers and shakes in Somerville

Fresh on the heels of opening their downtown wine bar, the prolific dudes behind Sip (plus Papagayo, Max & Dylans, etc.) are taking their fourth spot in two years in a totally different direction, debuting an industrial-vibed stand-alone burger & shake joint as part of the new Assembly Square project. After sidling up to the wood plank and ceramic-tiled counter to order, grab your burger and one of 45 seats and peer longingly at Staples through the glass garage doors.Take down one of their fried-egg-topped Brunch Burgers stuffed w/ bacon bits on a branded potato roll that swears everyone else on the football team got them too, before advancing on sides like fried pretzel-coated pickles dipped in buttermilk ranch and Old Bay aioli.Increase the likelihood that people gift you maternity clothing with a whipped cream-topped Richardson's Ice Cream shake in one of eight flavors like chocolate chip cookie, PB & banana, and S'more.Yep, that's an actual car that looks like a burger. And you can hire it to cater your party, or even just a romantic evening alone with your GF, if you want take it in a totally different direction.