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Kind of the best grinder ever

Jules Verne is a famous 19th-century French science fiction writer. In 1870 he wrote a story titled "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers", which roughly translated means, "that story where dudes looking for a narwhal get on Captain Nemo's submarine and then some giant ass squid eats one of them". Richard Garcia is the executive chef at 606 Congress. In August of 2012, he went to Red's Best fish market on the pier, filled a cooler full of Longfin squid, and then brought it back to his restaurant where he ground said squid up and mixed it with panko breadcrumbs, onions, garlic, oregano & red pepper flakes to form squid meatballs, pan-fried those, dropped them in a housemade marina sauce to simmer, then stuffed them in black squid ink-infused sesame submarine rolls garnished with fresh Parmesan, chives, and calamari tentacles. Roughly translated, this means, "you need to watch our damn video of the whole process then order this off-menu sexy item immediately".