Food & Drink

Beacon Hill fave gets a Seaport sister

Because you shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house, or a glass bar, or a glass kiosk that's been turned into a bar, holster that rock collection when you get to 75 on Liberty Wharf: the airy, window-heavy sister spot to Beacon Hill fave 75 Chestnut, built into a vacant glass-walled, kiosk-like building at the end of Fish Pier. Upon de-boarding your stepdad's fishing boat, plan to

Hang: In one of three places: safely nestled at the 12-seat wood bar, fondly reminiscing about long nights at while staring through the floor-to-ceiling dining room windows, or soaking in the sun and salt air on their 10-table patio complete with a fire pit

Eat: New England farm & ocean eats run the gamut from a smoked bacon & herb clam chowder, to pumpkin ravioli w/ sautéed native butternut squash, to a Nantucket seafood stew featuring six fish, to which Dr. Seuss responds, "No one likes an effing showoff".

Imbibe: Casually peruse your many binders full of women over cold suds (Pretty Things, Chimay, Guinness Black Lager) or dance like everyone's watching after taking down autumnal cocktails like the brandy & Cognac-spiked apple cider and the harvest pumpkin martini w/ vanilla vodka & Baily's caramel, or enough of their house-infused spirits (apple-cinnamon/cranberry-orange vodka, chai tea gin, etc.) to ensure you're incapable of throwing anything.