Food & Drink

Big Night advances on the Seaport

After spending the year conquering Back Bay (Red Lantern) and DTX (GEM), the culinary conquistadors at Big Night Entertainment continue to tear through the Hub's 'hoods without even offering to sew them back up, this time expanding their... Empire with a massive Asian-themed 350-seater on Fan Pier. Want to know even more? Sure you do, so get learned on:

The Space: Adorned with elaborate gold-latticed/ illuminated square columns, the massive Asian temple-esque room is cut into three: a bronze & hardwood-heavy lounge anchored by a 30-seat wrap-around brown granite bar and metallic leather couches/ drum tables; a tile-floored/ stone dragon-guarded open kitchen & sushi bar set off of the elevated, bird cage chandelier'd main dining area; and an entire wing of three interconnected private rooms that can be opened into one massive hall, as making it one massive Michael C. Hall would require more Dexterity. Sorry.

The Things You Drink: Don't like Pacific Rim suds (Sapporo, Coedo Kyara, Tsingtao), or speciality 'tails like the tequila/ plum sake/ Sriracha Hot Night In Bangkok? Well then stop reading, because you certainly don't deserve to know about their double-barreled lineup of scorpion bowls dubbed Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon

The Things You Eat: Because you can't survive on double-barreled scorpion bowls alone, fill the rest of your belly with specialties like the tuna and red chili miso Red Dragon, dark rum-glazed Wagyu beef, and Hanoi beef rolls, enough of which might have you tearing through something else that might need sewing up.

Photo Credit: William Horne