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Boston vs. New York. But this time, with food.

Published On 10/08/2012 Published On 10/08/2012
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1. Food Truck Throwdown Summer St and Purchase St, Boston, MA 02210

If Boston and NY were college roommates, Boston would definitely pee on NY's keyboard, then NY would steal all of Boston's Easy Mac and blame it on poor, loser-ish Hartford. But since cities can't go to college (yet!), there is another way to settle at least one part of this mutual distaste, and that's with a good old fashioned Food Truck Throwdown. The ingenious brainchild of the chick behind Kickass Cupcakes, FTT's an all-day, free-to-attend-but-pay-to-eat bash in which 14 mobile kitchens from Boston and New York go grill to grill for the title of "Best Truck", while you compete with yourself for the title of "Most Calories Consumed In An Hour While Standing Up".