Chelsea BBQ HQ relocates to the Seaport

After almost two years slinging Texas-style BBQ in Chelsea, the dude behind popular Larry J's House of Q was like, "Wait, why am I slinging Texas-style BBQ in Chelsea?", and moved on down the road, setting up his new shop on the patio plaza in the burgeoning but BBQ-less Seaport District. The breakdown: Aesthetically Pleasing Starters: If you ask for a salad, a likely not-very-accurate rumor has it Larry J himself will walk out from the back, slap you, and make you take down hot-peppered Fire (Meat)Balls, pork shank Hawg Wings, slow-smoked rib tips, catfish nuggets in a spicy Cajun sauce, fried dill pickles, and burnt brisket ends. Main Event: Now that you've been conditioned not to order salads, get down on pulled pork, smoked brisket, or jerk chicken by the sammie, platter, pint, or quart, or partake of a rack of Texas dry-rubbed ribs, cowboy beans and candied yams, or one of a handful of "man bites" like a large smoked potato stuffed w/ brisket dubbed the Texas Saddlebag, though too many might make it hard for you to move anywhere, let alone down a road.