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Baja Taco Truck
Roll up on fish tacos & fried poblano rings

After spending 20 years watching tourists gleefully dump tea into the water next to his sailing center on Boston Harbor, the SoCal native who originally aspired to bring authentic Mexican grub to the Hub is finally realizing his dream delayed, in the form of this mobile taqueria slinging San Diego-style tacos, tostadas, and burritos out of a festive lime green truck brandished w/ palm trees and a surf-board-topped VW van painted on the side.

The Staples: Queso fresco quesadillas and fried tilapia tacos are joined by burritos packed with slow-cooked chicken, roasted peppers, garlic & onions, and carne asada w/ salsa & guac on small-batch white corn tortillas from a factory in that bastion of Mexican culture (um, Everett?).

The Extras: After dipping their handmade tortilla chips in an "addictive" light green chili dip, bid your arteries adieu w/ battered & fried poblano rings w/ ranch, or -- in case you're the one who ends up gleefully dumped -- drown your sorrows in sweetness like their Mexican-inspired cherry limeade or roasted pineapple popsicles.

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