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Chef Schlow helps you fit into those sweatpants

Are you sad because the Red Sox definitely suck, the Pats might kind of suck, and the Bruins are likely all playing in Finland? Well stop being such a downer, and get Happy...'s, because Schlow and Co. have just worked up a new small-plate-heavy menu for the Fall that will fill you with delight, before you go home and fill your bathtub with New England sports-related tears. You've Never Finished A Medium Pizza By Yourself: Take tiny bites of their grilled calamari w/ chorizo, white beans, piquillo peppers & cilantro, or explain to your date how scientists say frying oysters makes them three million times stronger an aphrodisiac after ordering some sided by Sriracha remoulade.You Can Eat A Medium Pizza Without Much Discomfort: You likely want to fill your average-sized belly with a tender pork's belly w/ fried green tomatoes, lettuce salsa & tabasco emulsion, or the pineapple, serrano chile, and mint-topped duck quesadilla, also a popular thing to yell during a south-of-the-border middle school food fight.You Just Ate A Medium Pizza While Reading This: Ye of large and impressive caloric intake will not be let down when eating a hot pastrami sandwich on toasted rye w/ Swiss & grain mustard, or spicy honey-mango sauced boneless fried chicken, or both, since eating is clearly more your sport.