Food & Drink

Quick eats on Fenway's Restaurant Row

The inaugural endeavor of a Montana-born (and BU-grad) java habitué eager to bring a slow-paced indie coffee house vibe to an area where large men hit things with bats, NC&C's a quaint 16-seater boasting white wood benches, ceramic subway tiles, and Victorian Toile-papered (no, not toilet papered) walls hung with pictures of dudes that grow coffee beans. Expect to dance with:

  • A full lineup of artisan-roasted drip and French press java from George Howell's Terroir coffee in Acton (suck it, Boxborough!) along with fancier steamed ciders, teas, and Spanish coffee blended with Ghirardelli syrup.
  • Cake balls, meringues, and macaroons, along with myriad other baked goods and pastries that don't have a cool name like the cake balls.
  • The thing that keeps the French economy humming: Arrogant pessimism! crepes!!! Pop in for savory moves like the hummus, roasted peppers & feta Monksquirrelly, or opposite of savory moves like the Nutella-topped Rawling w/ cookies & cream crumbles & fresh mint dust, not to be confused with the angel kind of dust that makes you think it's okay to hit everything with bats.