Top Chef-er brings Southern-style BBQ to Fenway


Top Chef-er brings Southern-style BBQ to Fenway
Top Chef-er brings Southern-style BBQ to Fenway


No longer just a comment girls in yoga pants hear when walking past construction sites, Sweet Cheeks is the newest BBQ resto from former Top Chef-er Tiffani Faison, who has channeled her inner Texan to execute... top-notch Southern vittles just like the ones your mom would've made if her exposure to Tejas went beyond old episodes of Dallas.

Embrace the glory of:

The Environs The former Cambridge 1's gotten a rustic, wood-heavy overhaul, as this warm 115-seater now rocks cherry wood paneling, string patio lighting, communal tables crafted from reclaimed church doors/ bowling alleys, a sectioned-off "take out" zone w/ separate entrance, and vintage Southern-inspired memorabilia/ signage, some of which's been hammered from old Quaker State metal oil can boyds.

Smoked Meat They've got nine types of falling-off-the-bone meats smoked with oak/maple (from pork belly and short ribs to brisket, pulled chicken, and whole turkey legs), all on either metal butcher paper-lined sheet trays or as griddled Texas toast sammies, and plated with a choice of one hot/ one cold "scoop" (broccoli cheese casserole, heirloom baked beans, collard greens); there're also buckets of biscuits, "hot & crispy" sides (fried okra, hush puppies & fried green tomatoes), and desserts like banana pudding and whitetrash fruit salad, which is presumably just mayo and leftover lettuce from Wendy's Spicy Chicken sandwiches.

Drank Liquid nourishment's served in Mason/ jam jars (shots & cocktails too!) and includes over 50 draft/ can/ 22oz bottled brews (Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Lone Star, Butternuts Porkslap, Dark Horse Crooked Tree), 35-plus whiskeys, and carefully curated craft cocktails like House Bill 819 (a barrel-aged blend of tea-infused corn whiskey with lemon & mint) and the bourbon/ sapling maple liqueur/ maple bitters Damn Yankee, also what most people in Texas say when you ask them who really shot J.R

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1. Sweet Cheeks Q 1381 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215 (Fenway Kenmore)

Launched by a former Top Chef contestant, Sweet Cheeks is serving up tender, flavorful comfort food in huge proportions. The cuisine is a mix of influences, as the owner had grown up in a military family traveling across the South. The mostly Southern-style dishes deliver intensely flavorful ingredients that are reasonably sourced and with cooked with modern culinary techniques. Communal tables are made from repurposed church doors and there is a covered beer garden out back. The casual, lively dining experience is adding new personality to Boston.