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Coolidge Corner fave gets a new Mr. Furley, er, chef

Boldly following in the footsteps of the Nobel prize winning sitcom from which their name is drawn, Coolidge Corner's go-to neighborhood joint is crossing the three-year threshold the same way Three's Company began Season Four: by killing off all the main characters! Or just replacing one (the chef, in this case). And unlike Mr. Furley, this new character has a lineup of fresh culinary creations that're much more lenient about co-ed living situations: Afternoon Eats: Politely glove slap coworkers who think Cindy was hotter as you partake of a smoked salmon BLT on Iggy's 7-grain, Roper-sauced grass fed burger, and their grilled pork confit & fried egg sammie on a soft roll covered w/ cheddar and veggie slaw.Anytime Bar Bites: Start small, like Jack did in that episode where he opened his own restaurant, with bites like beef yakitori, octopus ceviche, or grilled country bread w/ creamy foraged ‘shrooms.After Dark Dining: Put on your elastic waisted big boy pants and consume pulled chicken tostadas w/ Habanero crema, a spicy sauced grilled lamb & broccoli rabe, roasted blue cod w/ black olive puree, and a sea salt crusted pork mac & cheese topped with Ritz crackers that's so rich, after eating it you should expect people looking for money to come and knock on your door (come and knock on your dooorrr).