Introducing the Hub's first grilled cheese truck

Adding a new twist to something classic can be hard to pull off, especially considering Chubby Checker is dea-- wait, he's not? But even his own name suggests he's obese! Sigh. Giving you 30 new twists on classic childhood grub that may or may not make you chubby, Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese, opening today at 5p.The culinary vision of two brothers and a chef, this long-awaited first-to-the-Hub mobile fromage factory is finally parked in its latenight (as in 2a on weekends) Cleveland Circle spot where they're slingin' a rotating arsenal of over 30-plus contempo grilled cheese sammies made exclusively using mayo in lieu of butter -- partially because it's healthier, but mostly because it's better at creating its own shot. To kick things off, there's a Green Muenster Melt w/ horseradish guacamole & applewood smoked bacon; a honking number piled high with chorizo, caramelized onions, and a slab of fresh-made mac & cheese; and a chargrilled portobello mushrooom sammie topped w/ tomato, basil aioli, and baby Swiss, which no one puts in a corner, mostly because it's surrounded by Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. Other gooey highlights include the Kona Kroque w/ peppered ham, fresh pineapple, and smoked Gouda; and one layered with tomato, Colby Jack, and stone ground mustard called the Rookie Melt, mostly because Ryan Leaf already trademarked the Rookie Meltdown. To complement and/or successfully conclude your grilled cheese experience, RGGC also slings beer battered Grillos Pickles loaded w/ beer cheese, Sriracha sour cream sauce, and chives, as well as weekly desserts like a hazelnut-filled Nutella cheesecake on griddled pound cake -- have too much, and the only thing that'll be hard to pull off will be your pants.