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Prime beef in the old Esquire Theater

The steakhouse has always been something of an art form in Chicago, so it was all-too-appropriate that Del Frisco's selected the old Esquire Theatre for its Windy City location, transforming it into a two-level sky-lit temple of the meaty arts overflowing with opulence in everything from the curving marble staircase to the two-story chandelier that ascends through the open mezzanine

Because science contends that snacks make you trim and sexy, counterbalance your Manhattan with Chi-themed bites like mini Kobe dogs and prime Italian beef sliders, but don't forget what you came for, specifically this 30oz "longbone" Wagyu ribeye, which you can side up with crocked goodness like king crab gnocchi and lobster mac 'n cheese

The wine selection is literally can't-miss, because it's contained in this spiral-staircased 47ft tower that dominates the center of the restaurant, weighing so much that it had to be anchored to steel beams in the ceiling, though anyone around during Prohibition can tell you booze-related innovation has always been something of a Chicago art form.