Worldwide meals on wheels

Recreations generally respect and honor their source, except for MJ's mustache, which just means, really dig Charlie Chaplin? Recreating global food faves is Homage Street Food

From a husband-and-wife team whose fondness for travel has given them an affinity for international street food, HSF is a mobile foodery dishing out a constantly rotating selection of global highlights, which usually are just filled with the adventures of McGoofus and O'Gallant. The opening week's menu'll include Catalonian butifarra, a Peruvian pork sandwich topped w/ red onion salsa & aji amarillo, a Mexican ode to sweet corn (in broth w/ poblanos, serranos, and queso fresco), and a bread bowl'd South African chickpea curry called Bunny Chow, though do it in the grotto and the only thing stewing will be Hef. Down the line keep an eye out for savory pastries from empanadas to samosas, brats slathered in curried ketchup, and even desserts like Brazilian brigadeiro chocolate mousse, and English trifle, which has a lot in common with David Beckham's MLS career, except it's actually sweet

For vegetarian types they'll be going meatless on Mondays, and thirst can be quenched by international soft drinks like Inca Kola, a Peruvian beverage named for a South American tribe that was totally wiped out, a fate that thankfully also finally befell MJ's 'stache.