Food & Drink

Dining and drinking below the Hard Rock

For too long the name "Chuck" has strictly been associated with canvas footwear, well-dressed, animatronic, pizza-pushing rodents, and middling shows that somehow last five seasons, but that's all about to change, thanks to comfort foodery Chuck's Manufacturing. Named for the father of one of the owners who made it big in the plastic auto parts game, CM channels that past with its CMYK color scheme, though if you're seeking even more color look no further than the 10x6ft video wall

If you're power lunching, the tables are equipped with WiFi and outlets, but keep your gadgetry clear of the maple-chipotle glazed chicken 'n waffles with candied pecans, platters of mini corn dogs, brats & Chi-dogs, and burgers like the Deluxe with melted danablu and toasted almonds on a pretzel croissant. Come dinnertime, regale your friends with stories of sleeping with totally hot models you can't look up on Google somehow, over 20oz T-bones with taleggio cream, or a double-cut, brown sugar-brined pork chop with truffled mac 'n cheese

They'll have rotating specials at their 5-7 "Overtime" happy hour, but then anytime is good for sipping appropriately named specialty cocktails like the axle (bourbon, lime, 'n blackberry), or going your own route with their selection of 100-plus flavored vodkas from around the globe, though too many and you'll become the middling show no one will want to watch.