Get Greek in the Loop

Moving a long-running family business into modern times can be tricky, unless the old man dies, 'cause then you can just put the home games on TV. Barring that, you could also branch out, like the folks behind Med Kitchen.

From the family behind longtime North Side Greek diner/"You likea the juice?" staple Hub's, MK's a sleeker, faster-paced 80-seat Loop eatery whose concrete floors and metal rails combine with graffiti-esque murals of Mediterranean scenes for a contemporary vibe, but not a contemporary Vibe, as that look's totally bankrupt. Drawing on decades of experience, the array of Med meats -- which come slapped on pitas, rolled in Lebanese wraps, or dropped on rice/salads -- includes thin-sliced gyros, spit-fired rotisserie pork/chicken, and Loukaniko, a Greek sausage that's sure to make you frat. There to embellish the proteins are more than a dozen toppings (Kalamatas, spicy feta, vinegar pickles...) and sauces from tzatziki to tahini, while those requiring more can nab sides of egg lemon soup and spicy olive mix, also what Popeye named his late-'80s mood setting compilations.

For the morning rush they're serving up cheese-filled puff pastries called Tiropita, plus pita sandwiches with combos like egg/sausage/feta, and egg/steak/goat cheese -- be sure to pick one up, because while moving a business into modern times can be tricky, doing it on an empty stomach's the absolute Wirtz.