They hope you like jammin', too

Because carrying on a family tradition is great (excluding the Mansons, or, worse, The Partridge Family), a husband-and-wife duo are bringing you The Jam House, a sunny storefront lined with 27 giant jars of homemade jams and sauces derived from recipes passed down from their familias in Jalisco, Mexico

"That's a lot of jam... what are they doing with it, having Phish over?" you ask because you are naive and silly and like making illogical jokes. But in truth, they're making raspados: ice that's shaved-to-order and combined with flavors like caramel, Kahlua, and pineapple-chile, or less-familiar moves like guanabana and mamey -- said to be an aphrodisiac, which is great because oysters are kind of gross in slushies. If ice isn't your thing you can also jam (!) out with a milkshake, or bionicos, a fresh fruit salad combined with sweet cream and the sauce of your choice (unless that sauce happens to be Midori, in which case you'll be politely asked to leave).

They've also got some non-cold action, like tortas stuffed with ham, in case all that flavored shaved ice wasn't helping you feel like a Man, son.

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