Contemporary Japanese in Bucktown. You provide the name.

Making your way through life without a name is tough (though maybe preferable if your dad is Frank Zappa), which is why a contemporary Japanese joint in Bucktown is inviting the masses to help give it a name, with the winner compensated in the form of a $100 gift certificate every month for the entire first year they're open

A little more info on what will inevitably be called Wok Dirty To Me*: it features a black tunnel-like space with an open kitchen in back where they're whipping up creations like grilled sirloin w/ wasabi beurre blanc, seared scallops, and crispy pork belly drizzled with miso butter, or garden tomato tempura w/ Thai basil cheese fondue, aka Siamese Cheese. Yo-Yo Maki** is also slinging build-your-own-style sushi rolls for another competition that will see customer creations added to the menu for three-month intervals, during which the creator can come in and enjoy his/hers free of charge (take note, homeless dudes with an impeccable sense of flavor and texture)

The liquor license at Songs In The Sake of Life*** is expected to roll in around Labor Day, at which point they'll be crafting cocktails from a robust selection of sakes (including one in a can) as well as housemade ginger ales, fruit-infused syrups, and some pretty damn pricey Japanese whiskeys you'll end up paying for, unless your naming skills can help you Dweezil your way out of the check.

* These are just suggestions. Awesome, definitely winning suggestions. ** Especially this one. *** Not this one, as much.

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1. Enso Sushi & Bar 1613 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (Bucktown)

While nameless for a bit, this Japanese joint in Bucktown is now dubbed and ready to roll (like sushi rolls, get it?). With a farm-to-table philosophy, you better believe that these ingredients are fresh. From traditional steam buns to Tokyo nachos, the food is good and the good times are aplenty.

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