Food & Drink

A crunchy prix-fixe In North Center

Smoking hemp is illegal. Eating hemp is not illegal, or so claims Sola chef Carol Wallack, who, just for this month, has created a D.A.R.E.-ing three-course prix fixe menu starring everyone's favorite low tetrahydrocannabinol strain of the plant cannabis sativa

Get things started on a definitely-not-high-okay-so-be-cool note with Spicy Asian Greens topped w/ bacon and toasted hemp seed-cumin vinaigrette

Still hungry even though you didn't do anything illegal to precipitate you being unnaturally hungry? Then you'll love the Hemp-Sesame-Seed-Crusted Salmon w/ creamy polenta and sake brown butter.

You know who loves dessert? People who are pious and just and follow the letter of the law. And they will be rewarded with Hemp Seed Shortbread alongside strawberry cream cheese mousse, mo' strawberries, a strawberry rhubarb gelee, and hemp seed brittle that is so tasty it should be illegal. But, as stated before, is almost definitely not.