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Getting your bird on in Uptown

Running a business with Mom can be a daunting prospect, but the ex-Wave chef behind Pecking Order isn't the least bit chicken, teaming up with hers on this 75-seat Filipino poultry joint decked in bright red, yellow & blue, and sporting picnic-style seating, though be sure to keep reading before making any (sigh) blanket assumptions

The chicken's hit with a family marinade (cane sugar, vinegar, garlic, tamari...) before being either grilled, fried, or stuffed with lemongrass & ginger and rotisserie roasted; they also bake fresh Filipino bread (pandesal) for sandwiches like the fried chix/shaved gouda/pimento mayo Country Bird, so tasty you'll give it a French Lick

Accompanying your fowl are gratis sauces (banana ketchup, chicken liver gravy...), plus heftier sides of grilled sweet corn w/ lime-mayo & cotija; Pinoy eggs (basically Filipino Scotch eggs); and fried sweet plantains w/ jackfruit chutney, which should be scarfed before whomever they jacked the fruit from comes looking for it

Wash it all down with brews including Green Line, Krankshaft, and Filipino fave San Miguel, or grab seasonal booze-optional fruit bevs from Watermelon Calamansi to Cucumber Key Lime, good refreshment if the punch you really want is directed at your mom.