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Eat like you're in college again

College is a time for experimenting, but enough about organic chem majors, let's talk about sandwiches only cool, fat college students would eat at Fat Sandwich Company.Already sporting locations in Champaign and Madison, FSC is a counter-service joint slinging unholy amalgamations of caloric might that feel like something Bluto might have assembled in the Faber cafeteria (then hilariously spat all over Marmalard). Named sammies come on 8" Philly-style Amoroso rolls, and range from seemingly oxymoronic offerings like the Fat Milf (a cheesesteak w/ chicken fingers, mozz sticks & bacon/ mayo/ ketchup) to locally inspired options like the gyro/ fingers/ sticks/ tzatziki Matt Stairs Fat Cubby. You're likely to also end up needing hip replacements if you get the Fat Ditka (cheesesteak/ fingers/ bacon/ ranch/ hot sauce), and the double cheeseburger/ fingers/ sticks/ bacon/ egg/ mayo/ ketchup Fat Magnum, which also doubles as a form of birth control.They're waiting to see how Fat Chicago takes to them before deploying it, but also in their arsenal is the BigFatUgly, a double-roll containing pretty much everything you see above plus add-ins like pizza bites, fried mushrooms, hash browns, fried mac 'n cheese... so yeah, it's an experiment that's much more likely to have people experimenting on you than with you.