The Peasantry
The Peasantry


The folks behind Franks 'n Dawgs are expanding beyond cased meats with this funky, fireplace'd restobar decked with graffiti-style animals, who no doubt disapprove of you scarfing octopus 'n chorizo gyros w/ grape gremolata, marrow-marbled burgers w/ shallot marmalade/pickled cauliflower/manchego, and BBQ frog legs w/ cognac, all the better for you to empathize with those legless frogs' walking problems.

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1. The Peasantry 2723 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

In The Peasantry, street food takes a leap into the realm of fine dining, complete with tables and modern decorative stylings. Take a seat and enjoy bison burger with a Belgian strong ale.

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