Bridgeport's cozy new bistro

Because sassy musically inclined ginger orphans aren't the only ones longing for a place to call their own, the chef behind Oliver's Cafe finally snagged his own cozy bistro (after three decades manning the kitchens of luxury hotels, private clubs and other places Daddy Warbucks would hang out with presidents), appointing it with peach and burgundy walls affixed with paintings culled from his personal collection

Get it started without help from your buddy Todd covering a wedding band covering the Black Eyed Peas with beef tenderloin-topped plantains with saffron-garlic aioli, or embrace your oxymoronic side with spicy jumbo shrimp with white corn ragout, avocado, and a piquillo pepper sauce. If you'd prefer your calories more compacted, opt for an Asian-marinated Australian rack of lamb with ginger stir fry, or the balsamic-glazed short ribs over horseradish mash and root veggies topped with tobacco onions, which you'll likely inhale (though you shouldn't).

The booze is BYO, and if you're seeking sweetness, there's an apple cinnamon 'n pineapple egg roll topped with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream made in-house, just like they did at the Warbucks mansion, which explains how Annie became much less adorable as a tween.