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Oysters and the green faerie on Milwaukee

Because nothing can go wrong when you spend an evening ingesting a mixture of hallucinogens and aphrodisiacs, The Savoy is here to alter your senses with the double threat of a snug seafood cove, and a shadowy back-room absinthe lounge lined with jet-black banquettes and a technicolor mermaid who definitely wants to have sex with you, assuming you've had time for the hallucinogens to kick in. Up front, a barrel-stooled raw bar slings East and West Coast oysters and snow crabs with smoked tomato cocktail sauce, plus there're land-based options like the bone-in ribeye with truffle cream spinach and sweet potato hash. There's also a special late-night menu sporting items like smoked brisket sandwiches w/ roasted poblanos, crispy onions, and Calabrian chili aioli, or a lobster roll w/ lemon aioli, caramelized onions & bacon, in case you were concerned your own rolls weren't getting enough attention. The 40-strong list of absinthe, meanwhile, can be served traditionally or in cocktails like the pink gin/ grapefruit bitters/ absinthe Death Stamp, which you might end up with if that mermaid turns out to be someone slightly tougher than you.