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The Sheerin brothers land in Wicker Park

Anyone who has seen 3 Ninjas knows brothers can accomplish anything together, especially if they have an inexplicably Japanese grandfather. And even though there are only two of them, and no one knows what ethnicity their grandfather is, the Sheerin brothers (whose resumes include Blackbird and The Signature Room) are still aiming to please your Tum Tum with Trenchermen, which retains some of the original white tile from its bathhouse predecessor, and thankfully some naked old dudes not much else, opting instead for chocolate-colored leather booths and a two-tiered black walnut bar.If you didn't just come in to look at the bathhouse tile, hit their eclectic menu that runs the gamut from Scotch quail eggs with green almonds & caviar to XO-sauced, bacon-cured sweetbreads, bacon apparently being the cure for your reluctance to eat thymus. Then up your protein quotient with slow-smoked Texas brisket with mustard garganelli and snow peas, or sturgeon w/ haricots verts, strawberries & chocolate malt granola, no joke. The 30-plus taps go beyond beers like Three Floyds Blackheart & St. Feuillien Saison to include wine and "surprise" cocktails (both freshly carbonated and barrel-aged), or opt for a straight-from-the bartender libation like the bourbon/ yellow chartreuse/ amaro/ smoked bitters Heart of Darkness II -- a solid move, as naming the drink after the 3 Ninjas sequel probably would've required a little Kick Back.