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Italian small plates from the Acre folks

Anyone familiar with the Battle of Stirling knows that apparently you can get super high and jacked up through the pores on your face dividing your forces can help you house some English soldiers, but the folks from Acre believe it can also help you house some food, which is why they're splitting off its northern half into Ombra. Doling out Italian snackery amid 78 seats of funky reclamation from the designer behind Ruxbin and Simone's, Ombra's got walls covered in 1920s Italian newspapers, wooden booths upholstered in old leather jackets, and a huge ceiling installation consisting of a piecemeal photo of Florence, probably the most appetizing way to currently see her considering how long it's been since The Brady Bunch was on air.

The menu leans heavily on cicchetti, a Venetian-born style of small plates that includes the likes of sardines in saor (a vinegar- & onion-heavy marinade), fondue-esque bagna cauda with anchovies/garlic/butter, and calamari neri: squid slow-cooked in its own ink, which for the squid was literally all she wrote. Also keep an eye out for duck braised in Valpolicella, a handful of bruschette (butternut squash puree/crispy prosciutto/balsamic & Parm), and Venetian tea sandwiches (tramezzini) that come filled with shrimp & radicchio, or truffled egg, which is sure to make a pig out of you.

And rounding it out, the all-Boot wine list is particularly focused on three regions: Veneto (surprise!), Trentino, and Friuli, as the amount of people looking to drink in Florence has severely wanted since the '60s.