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Schooling your palate in Uptown

They say those who can't do, teach, though judging by Inside Edition lots of teachers are capable of "doing" plenty. To witness a former culinary teacher capable of doing things that're actually in good taste, hit Baker & Nosh.

From a dude who got his start in an NYC bakery before becoming a culinary instructor first in Italy, then at Chicago's Cordon Bleu, B&N's a sunny breadery & cafe sporting rows of daily baked goodness resting behind marble counter tops, and a streetside view of the ovens and prep area, because it's healthy to be open about one's kneads. Carb-tastic creations will range from classic baguettes to roasted garlic-studded focaccia (which can be sandwiched in forms such as ham/mustard/Brie, and roasted veggies/pesto), while flatbread pizzas come topped with the likes of Gruyere & artichoke, which Artie Lange won't be doing on it, as he clearly refuses to eat anything with vegetables. Breakfast treats include pecan-sprinkled sticky buns, and banana/chocolate chip coffee cake that goes with java from Philly's celebrated La Colombe, and anyone who wants to mow down dairy can nab a hunk of imported Taleggio or Chaumes from the cheese counter, something you probably aren't, considering you haven't unsubscribed even after reading jokes about one's "kneads"!

Come springtime they'll unveil a patio sporting an herb garden from which customers can pick gratis greenery to go, and also in the works are bread-baking classes, though if you want a class on how to put a bun in the oven, you should probably just go back to high school.