Food & Drink

Small-batch sweetness in Logan Square

Everyone loves candy shops, even 50 Cent wants to take you there to let you lick his lolli... whoops, just realized what that song's really about. Thankfully, Katherine Anne Porter is a novelist and recurring clue in Sega's Carmen Sandiego game providing decidedly more wholesome treats in their new storefront after a few years selling her wares in farmers markets, which makes logical sense considering she first started making caramels on her family's Wisconsin farm at age 10. However, she's progressed to

Truffles: Get moderately fat with selections that'll include a monthly chef collab (this month is the Bad Ass Bourbon Bacon Truffle with Cleetus Friedman from City Provisions), and further sweetness like Toasted Coconut Rum, which combines bittersweet chocolate, dark rum, and shaved coconut for a flavor that's "rich and complex", so kind of like eating Donald Trump, if he were holding the Friday NY Times crossword

Marshmallows: Assuming Ghostbusters didn't affect you too traumatically, nab 'mallows (made with local wildflower honey in lieu of corn syrup) in flavors like Vanilla Black Pepper and Earl Grey Tea

Caramels: Should Matt Damon ever suggest you get together and eat a bunch of caramels, fear not, 'cause she's making variations like Rosemary Sea Salt and Apple Cider made with the good stuff from Michigan's Seedling Farms

They're also going beyond confections with French pastries from Beurrage, a variety of sipping chocolates, and locally roasted coffee from Ipsento, but please: don't let Mr. Cent offer to stir it with his Magic Stick. It is not what you think.