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Loaded burgers 'n dogs in Logan Square

The first thing that comes up in a Google search for "cool"? Cool Math, which irrefutably proves that calling yourself cool means you're the lamest ever. Thankfully, the name Daddy Cool's refers not to this new restaurant's estimation of itself, but to a Harley-riding, world-traveling friend of the owners, who provided inspiration for the joint's eclectic rec-room aesthetic: drag racing art, electric guitars, old surfboards, and a Farrah Fawcett poster that makes the space invitingly nippy.Because the coolest hot thing is a dog, they've got options like the bacon-wrapped Sonora (topped w/ cabbage, Chihuahua, avocado, pico, and chipotle mayo), the Frito pie-esque Texas Chili Cheese, and the grilled onion/herb cream cheese/Sriracha Seattle Dog, which would've been Shawn Kemp's nickname if he hadn't waited until Cleveland to get so fat. Burgers get gussied up too, from the Clevelander (BBQ sauce, coleslaw, french fries), to the just-what-it-sounds-like hybrid Bacon Burger Dog, while fresh squash/cheese/pepper tamales can be had boat-style, smothered in more cheese, then topped with either cabbage & pico or chili, an option suggesting you're even huskier than your tamale.They even rock soft serve, which finds its way into Dreamsicle shakes and root beer floats that're easily spiked thanks to a rigorous BYOB policy -- take advantage, and when the check comes you'll realize being cool makes you terrible at math.