An elegant steakery from the Gilt Bar folks

Remember that Wendy's "Where's the Beef?" lady? Well, pour out a little Zima as she's likely dead, which is a shame 'cause she'd totally find her answer at Bavette's Bar & Boeuf, the two-tiered steakery from the Maude's/Gilt Bar crew elegantly affixed with elaborate chandeliers, oversize red booths, Oriental rugs, and a bronze-cast pig's skull.Bovine options range from bone marrow-slathered bone-in ribeye, to short rib stroganoff (w/ caramelized creminis, hand-cut noodles & sherry cream), to odd bits like horseradish-kicked beef tongue, most commonly spoken by religious zealot cattle ranchers. Mix things up with multi-tiered seafood towers sporting king crab and fresh oysters, double-cut Berkshire pork chops, and Southern-style fried chicken with Crystal hot sauce & buttermilk ranch, leaving you way too large to ever be Hidden in a Valley.They also have a 50-plus whiskey selection making its way into everything from spicy pickleback shots, to mint juleps, to rye Old Fashioneds, which might even be older than that Wendy's lady. Though, again, she's almost definitely dead.