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A taste of Belgium in River North

Whether you're into extreme bouts of indecision or deliciously textured carbohydrates, BEL 50 has your waffling needs covered, forcing you into tough choices among an assortment of hemispherical wafflewiches while taking in an atmosphere whose communal seating and Flemish artwork is meant to recall a Belgian cafe.The menu's deep with savory selections like buttermilk-fried free-range chicken (honey-mustard glaze, apple tart slaw), or prosciutto with ripe brie, fig jam, caramelized red onions, and presumably a complimentary pair of Ravinia tickets. They're also offering up breakfast sandos all day, like a classic applewood bacon with egg 'n cheddar, or make like a hip dentist and opt for sweet fillings like crème brûlée, dark chocolate s'mores, and tiramisu.Although not everything's waffle-wrapped at BEL 50, the brews do manage to continue the Belgian vibe, whether it's the Jenlain Tripel, Corsendonk Dubbel, or the Hoegaardeum (umm... singel?), providing yet another avenue for carb-related indecision.