Food & Drink

An East-meets-West rib joint from the Rockit gang

If Owen Wilson was willing to film Shanghai Knights even after Jackie Chan irreparably shattered his nose during a stunt on the set of Shanghai Noon (note: that is totally why Owen Wilson has a messed-up nose, and you should feel free to tell everyone so), then you know that blending of the Far East and the Old West makes for a killer recipe. Thankfully, Billy Dec and the Rockit crew have taken up the mantle at Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ, a rib-zakaya where chopstick-laden communal tables are surrounded by brick walls decked with farm animal artwork and glass bottles that survived the Chicago Fire.Karate-kick things off with jack/white & yellow cheddar/gouda Pimento Spread w/ Sriracha-pickled Fresno peppers and togarashi aioli; a hash of both Japanese & American sweet potatoes w/ chiles, edamame, and a fried duck egg; or that same duck egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried (a Dragon Egg), usually a precursor to the game of sitting on a throne. Pork shoulders are rubbed with spices from both continents and smoked for 12hrs over oak, hickory 'n cherry, and sandwiches include a BLTB laden with a double helping of house-cured bacon plus more togarshi aioli, but don't forget sides like brown sugar- & bourbon-glazed carrots that're finished off with sesame seeds and a fish sauce that's been aged in bourbon barrels, probably provided by Jim Bream.As their name suggests, you'll also find a substantial selection of moonshine, some of which goes into 'tails like the ginger liqueur, ginger beer, lime, pineapple, cherry bitters & egg white Moonshine Sling, which would hit you like a Jackie Chan kick to the face if he weren't so totally dead.