Argentine eats in Lakeview

Willie Nelson couldn't wait to be on the road again, though given his hobbies he probably would have rather just stayed in a fixed location eating empanadas, something he can totally do now that 5411 has augmented its food truck with a permanent storefront. So here's your go-to for flaky Argentine pockets of goodness whether you're:A Meat-Eater: Nab the classic beef 'nada, which they claim "you would marry if you could" (so... you'd want to politely eat your spouse?), or opt for bacon/ goat cheese/ date, or chicken breast spiced up with BBQ sauce and cilantro.A Seeker Of Protein Through Other Nefarious Means: They'll still take care of you with sweet corn mixed w/ mozz, caramelized onions, and nutmeg-kissed bechamel, or garlicky sauteed mushrooms w/ blue cheese and a hint of thyme. And if you were one of those kids who always had to have dessert and now has weird cholesterol issues, go sweet with the sliced banana & Nutella combo covered in brown sugar. All of the 'nadas (except the sweet one, gross) come with your choice of classic chimichurri, or the tomato-based, jalapeno-kicked Red Hot, not to be confused with Red Hots, which Willie takes down by the box after he mows through all that flaky goodness.