A wine bar with a dose of dairy

The celebrated Lakeview cheesemongers have transformed the space next door into a wine bar that still reps its dairy roots with a plastered ceiling reminiscent of a cheese cave (and you, after a few hours there), plus light fixtures made from old milking machines and butter churns. Start off with snackage like podda-sprinkled "pizza nuts" and merguez-stuffed apricots, or nab some cheese 'n housemade charcuterie (pork 'n pheasant country pate, duck rillettes) from behind the possibly Andy Dufresne-carved soapstone bar. They're also literally going HAM by making their own (um, ham), served up with raclette and heirloom potatoes, and serving a ricotta-filled grilled cheese with pear and toasted almonds.Drinkswise, beyond the rotating lineup of 16 wines by the glass, they're tapping a sparkling number that a Michigan vineyard made specially for them, potentially taking you to a plastered ceiling all your own.