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More than just cupcakes in Lakeview

Everyone knows you can't have your cake and eat it too, but fewer people know there is a loophole for having your cake and eating a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. Exploiting that loophole, Phoebe's, the Lakeview cupcakery now relocated about a half-block away into sunny new corner digs that still sport cases full of frosting-topped confections, while also exploring new six-year-old-approved territory

Chief among said new comestible world is a menu of panini-pressed grilled cheeses served with dipping sauces, like the Heaven (roasted chicken/ baby Swiss/ red grapes dipped in truffle aioli), or the Inferno, stuffed with chipotle jack, cream cheese, ex-Real World cast members desperately clinging to their pseudo-celebrity, tomato & jalapeno w/ chipotle ranch. They also have expanded breakfast-y offerings that will expand your elastic-waist jeans, like a banana/ Nutella/ brie panini w/ honey sauce, vanilla bean buttercream-smothered cinnamon rolls, and -- because they clearly can't help themselves -- a Pancakes & Bacon cupcake with maple-soaked buttermilk cake topped off with maple butter 'n bacon

And if that isn't enough (is it? You'd say something, right?), they're even using Alterra coffee to whip up salted caramel lattes and the like, because though you can't have your cake and eat it too, they don't say sh*t about drinking it.