Food & Drink

Fine dining, gluten-free-style

It can be surprisingly easy to go without something and not even miss it (how else can you explain Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, huh? How else?!!?), something they're banking on at Senza (literally "without" in Italian) thanks to a steadfastly gluten-free menu served in a farmhouse-chic storefront sporting white picnic tables, lavender burlap-lined walls, and live greenery growing in the floor-to-ceiling windows.The menu comes via a former Green Zebra chef and touts indulgent-sounding dishes like short ribs (blackberry, tarragon, smoked potato) and a corn-/ blueberry-/ macadamia-/ ham-kicked Rohan duck, which really came up big at the Battle of Duck Gondor, for those of you who haven't read Duck Lord of the Rings. If Drake thinks you fancy huh, prove it by ordering one of their five-course tasting menus (international wine pairings optional), which come either carnivorous or manly veg-style with dishes like tomato-basil tagliatelle w/ shaved truffle -- ask them to switch it out and they'll perform a shaved truffle shuffle.During the day, they ditch the fine dining trappings for more of a coffee house vibe via Bridgeport beans, sammies, and gluten-free snackage like beignets and chocolate doughnuts, though make sure to wash up after, lest someone mistake you for one of those Sticky Bandits.