Get caffeinated Hawaiian-style

Proving Hawaii's badass exports don't solely consist of fictional recycled television police forces, HI-based beanery Bad Ass Coffee is bringing an island-style caffeine fix to Chi in a sunset-orange shop decked with surfboards, palm trees, and a sizable plastic donkey, as the company is named for the "bad ass" pack animals that used to haul coffee down from the step mountains -- providing yet another connection between beans and bad ass

They'll always be carrying three single-origin Hawaiian varieties, like Maui Peaberry, Waialua, and the famed Kona (which won't be avail until Fall because of a blight that hit the most recent crop), plus a variety of Hawaiian blends like the uber-dark Volcanic roast (so... lava java?), all of which are required to have at least 10%-Hawaiian beans. They also roll deep on flavored coffees like coconut rum or the chocolate/ vanilla/ macadamia Hula Pie, or you can snag a vanilla-infused coffee granita dubbed the Koffee Kooler, which those krazy kids kan't stop konsuming.

They'll be rolling out their full array of sandwiches and soups in a couple of months, but in the meantime they're making up English muffin breakfast sammies and bringing in other goodies from Little Miss Muffin, healthy sandos from Eat Fit, and Italian desserts from Caputo's, about which you'll implore that they Cook 'Em, Dano.