Big-game eating on Milwaukee

Americans have long been fascinated by the Wild Wild West, who really earned that second "Wild" when he put a loaded love gun in LeBron's mom. Taking its cues from that other Wild West, Frontier. Overhauling the former Corosh space, Frontier's a towering Mountain West-inspired saloon with antler chandeliers swinging above pine/oak carvings & moldings and a 40ft bar lorded over by a 6ft stuffed bear...too soon, too soon. For grazing they're doing 11 varieties of oysters (Beavertail, Royal Miyagi) with classic accompaniments, duck confit tacos (salsa verde, fried yucca, queso fresco), and mint chimichurri-kicked lamb "Denver Ribs", which the last dinosaur discovered all-too-late is what you were thinking when you said he was a whole lot more than your friend. Mains are heavy on game, like a venison cheesesteak w/ cippolini jam and grilled peppers, and a habanero/maple-reduction'd wild boar chop, while those going even more proteinacious can book the table near the open kitchen and feast on the spit-roasted carcass of a boar, pig, lamb, or goat, which should be eaten with appropriate Cutler-y...FYI it's no longer too soon. Drinks-wise they're slinging a mix of macros and local crafts on 16 "ice taps" to keep the beer extra cold, though not as cold as the Cavs locker room after Delonte went all wild.

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