Dining American-style by the fire

Though Chicagoans have understandable trepidation when it comes to the combo of cows and fire, the folks behind The Embers on Broadway are forging ahead, serving up steaks and other American classics around a stone-encased fireplace flanked by portraits of icons like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.Whet your appetite with some fried dill pickle chips with housemade ranch, a plate of deviled eggs sprinkled with minced ham, or a bowl of carrot-ginger soup widely rumored to be the (carrot) tops. From there snag some of the aforementioned cow with a filet or strip, or take it surf & turf with a live Maine lobster (well, it was live just prior to you eating it, jerk), or go for Aunt Lillian's meatloaf, a secretly spiced beef 'n pork creation from one of the owner's aunts.They're also offering up corkage-free BYOB, along with a homemade lineup of classic desserts like lemon meringue pie, red velvet cake, and turtle cheesecake, as any walk down a public street proves Chicagoans have zero trepidation when it comes to cheesecake.