Lincoln Park's protein palace

When you want something, they say it's best to go straight to the source, though that implies what you want is the leading international voice for the ever-evolving world of hip-hop music, politics, and culture! For burgers straight from a source not under the stranglehold of Benzino, hit the cleverly named Butcher & The Burger.

From a protein-mad former Duchamp chef and failed novelist who dated Carrie Bradshaw, dumped her on a Post It note, and "can't write female characters to save his life", B&TB's a 50% meat-monger/50% 30-seat hamburger hawker outfitted with a custom zinc bar, a century-old farm table from the Allegheny mountains, and retro gear including a manually operated 1926 cuber designed for "minute steaks", and mid-19thC Dayton scales.

Four-step DIY burgers start with 6oz fresh-ground patties ranging from the house prime beef blend to rotating game (wild boar, ostrich, elk...), while subsequent options comprise your bun (split-top butter egg roll, pretzel roll, croissant...), optional spice rubs like the ghost pepper'd Burger Meet Sun, and toppings including gratis standards and next-level extras like black truffle aioli and sauteed Hudson Valley foie (thankfully not Jennifer Hudson Valley foie, as that's no longer fatty enough).

Patties can also be picked up at the butcher section, along with rotating meatballs & meatloaves, and seasonal offerings of organic whole turkeys and suckling pigs; to ensure you don't screw 'em up there'll be regular hands-on classes culminating in multi-course dinners, and sending participants packing with freshly cut protein, recipes, and appropriate spices, whose decorum prohibits them from telling you what they want, what they really, really want.

And after all that meat, those craving a sweet respite'll find housemade frozen custard (sweet 'n salty espresso bean, smoked bacon brittle...), Cafe du Monde coffee, and beignets, along with breakfast platters containing two eggs, fries, and the meat of your choice, which, if you love The Source, should be beef.