Food & Drink

A restaurant that's seriously wild

Just because your version of foraging for food involves wondering just how long those Better Cheddars have been under your luxury futon doesn't mean others feel the same. Take the woman behind Elizabeth (not literally, or Liam Neeson will come and kill you): she first put her affinity for nature's found bounty to work in a series of underground dinners out of her apartment, before venturing out into significantly more public digs that still keep a homey feel thanks to a trio of heavy wooden communal tables surrounded by mismatched chairs a short skip away from the open kitchen

Tasting menus are sold on a ticketing system a la Next/Alinea, and come in three varieties, the first of which is a 10-courser called The Owl, which'll feature John Cheney yelling and screaming and trying to fight John Calipari farm-focused fare like an apple pie consomme bubble tea with pie crust puree and Koval whiskey gel. Like bad Minnesota hockey teams, things get a little more wild on the 14-course Deer menu, with mo' wild plants/game in dishes like a "terrarium" course with edible malt soil, pickled elderberries, and preserved rose petals. If you're from Winnetka and were carried to the restaurant by your servants on a bed of unicorn fur, treat yourself to the 22-course Diamond menu, where even high rollers who aren't Lou Diamond Phillips can enjoy a dry-aged ribeye with braised beef tongue, summer beans, and smoked buttermilk pudding

While your ticket will include the entirety of your multi-course meal, it will not include beverages, which can be purchased upon arrival (ranging from full-on pairings to single-glass pours and cocktails), so if you need extra coin perhaps now's the time to consider some additional futon foraging.