Food & Drink

His Airness, now feeding you

When Michael Jordan takes a gamble it tends to pay off, unless that gamble is on the Bobcats, or playing baseball, or anything involving actual gambling. A much better bet: Michael Jordan's Steak House.

Finally coming to its rightful home after a opening up in podunk towns like NYC, MJSH is setting up shop in the Intercontinental's old Zest/Lobby Bar space, which now sports (!) a steel 'n glass bridge spanning the hotel's rotunda along with walnut floors, plush velvet booths, and blown glass lighting, which can never be turned off. Aside from 38oz, 28-day aged bone-in rib eyes for two, they'll be slinging seafood like pan-roasted halibut w/ smoked pecan romesco, and wild Alaskan salmon served with La Quercia prosciutto, lardo crostini, and mussels, which you won't have if your salmon always shows up with toast covered in pork fat. Warm up for the main event with starters like double-smoked, maple- 'n pepper-glazed bacon w/ watercress puree, garlic bread for dipping in Wisconsin Ader Kase Reserve bleu cheese fondue, and a sweet corn lobster bisque served with a lobster & corn hush puppy, though if all of Michael Vick's money couldn't buy his silence, how quiet will Scraps be for you?

Cap off the meal with sweetness like a Key Lime Bombe w/ yuzu curd and toasted meringue, or a 23-layer chocolate cake, suggesting Michael's now gambling with another thing: your heart.