Farm freshness in North Center

It's been said whenever God closes a door he opens a window, which, in addition to making heaven terribly energy inefficient, helped out the dude behind City Farms, whose lost banking job inspired him to get back in the culinary game. The result: a bright, open-kitchened storefront dropping farm-to-table fare on both communal barnwood tables, and counters made out of planks from the old Fullerton Bridge, because while you shouldn't burn bridges, eating burnt ends off them is fine.

Speaking of eating, the opening lunch menu is deep on sammies like ham 'n turkey Monte Cristos w/ homemade currant jelly, slow-roasted porchetta w/ chimichurri, and a pork belly bacon sausage w/ maple-bacon aioli, pan-roasted apples, and caramelized onions dubbed the Triple Threat (spoiler alert: all three threats are diabetes). You can also snag breakfasts of corned beef hash with fresh farm eggs, or apple crumble pie French toast slathered in caramel sauce, and in a few weeks they'll bring on comforting dinner fare from fried lake perch to pot roast, thankfully not the Comedy Central special that bombed when everyone forgot their punchlines.

And should that apple crumble pie French toast make you too fat to go to them, they've still got you covered, 'cause soon they'll be launching a sandwich-filled food truck of the same name -- everyone knows that whenever God opens a window, he insists people sell sandwiches out of it.