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Whip it Up

Tired of being grilled by Tom Colicchio, Top Chef alum & newly minted Chicagoan Grayson Schmitz decided to do some grilling of her own, and she was kind enough to let us watch. To amp up your next BBQ, check out our video tutorial featuring the chef herself, then follow four simple steps below to Bacon Jam glory

Pork: Grill a seasoned 'n trimmed tenderloin to your preferred temp (Grayson recommends medium), then give it a rest before slicing it up into a dozen medallions, being sure they aren't from the Staff of Ra...w

Tomato-Bacon Jam: Peel 'n chunk up some tomatoes, toss in minced bacon & sugar, cook down, and make Bill Cosby proud by adding, among other things, some Lemon Jell-O

Grilled Fennel: Give oiled 'n seasoned fennel a good five minutes on the grill before tossing with Nicoise olives, lemon zest, and fennel fronds, akaa., the top part of the fennel that's so awesome it can start a jukebox just by hitting it

Assembly: Place fennel salad in the center of a plate and shingle three pieces of pork on top, finishing off with a dollop of warm bacon jam, making it so delicious that nobody will be able to just watch.