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Sushi. Hot girls. Sushi. Hot girls.

Aiming to hit the streets this weekend: Crazy Fish, which thank God is Dallas's first sushi truck, and not the band Mardy started with Ivan Lendl that, insanely, they did not call Crazy Ivan. Co-helmed by an Aussie woman whose travels have taken her from her family's "conveyor belt" sushi restos in Brisbane, to stops in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, Crazy's menu nods to the sushi trends she witnessed along the way, and adds "a little Texas", so it's sure to hit the Big Time. The goods:Fish Rolls: Hit on a Pink Lady (salmon, tuna, avo, crab salad), get the Eye of the Tiger (smoked salmon, red bell pepper, cream cheese, onion), or fall recklessly in love with the lettuce-wrapped crab salad/tuna/salmon/avo/carrot Loose Geisha, which is like a regular geisha, except she skips the violin and poetry recitals and goes straight for the nookie.Not Fish Rolls: She's telling tradition to rack off (Aussie for just what it sounds like) with numbers like the ginger-sauced breaded-chicken Texas Rancher, the Bucking Bull (marinated beef, sesame mayo, teriyaki & ginger sauce), and the Quick Ninja -- with chicken or beef, avo, cuke, and carrot, it's a move that, unlike the Crazy Ivan, was impossible to predict.