What the hell is wrong with freedom?

Easy Rider proved that you don't need millions to make a smash hit, you just need Dennis Hopper taking hits, and eventually getting smashed. Going bare-bones to put more meat on yours: the Easy Slider food truck, softly rolling out tonight.

Easy's run by two ladies who met working venue/events at the House of Blues, then waited years for the chance to open a biz serving "the kind of food that you want to eat with your hands", as food you'd want to eat with your hands team would exclude T.O., and nobody wants that. Their little-bunned goodness includes:

Beef: So-fine bovine runs from the seared Steak Sammie (grilled shrooms/onions, arugula, bleu cheese butter, horseradish cream sauce), to the 7 Layer (black beans, salsa, guac, Fritos, cheddar), to the Sweet & Lowdown, with goat cheese, bacon, strawberry jam, and a sweet slice of Sean Penn right before he made I Am Sam and become inedible.

Specialties: Grab The Veg (grilled baby porta, mozz, pesto, tomato), the Gobbler (T-giving bird, cornbread stuffing, cran-jalapeno-pecan chutney), or Chicken & Corn Fritter Waffles, covered in maple syrup and spiked with hot sauce, also the expert dribbler's catchphrase on the And...We'll Serve Again Now street volleyball tour.

They've also got cones filled with sea-salted, truck-made fries, and Rockstar Bakeshop'll be whipping them up exclusives like banana pancakes and various whoopie pies, deliciousness that'll fill you with so much childish excitement, you'll have nothing to say but "Neh! Neh! Neh! Fuh! Fuh! Fuh! Indians."