Food & Drink

Taste you can believe in

Taste isn't something that can be measured in money, unless it came from the Franklin Mint, in which case taste = the $6,995 you dropped on framed autographs of presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush. For taste you can put in the Oval Office that is your mouth, hit next weekend's Taste of Dallas, where they're rolling out these brand-new features:Taste Tavern: Forty-thousand air-conditioned square feet to cooly consume products from 50 wineries (including locals CrossRoads & Sunset) and 30 breweries ranging from San Diego's Ballast Point, to ATX's Jester King, to Granbury's Revolver, kinda fitting for a town where the family Albums are all White.Taste of the Town: Sample vittles from 15 different restos each day, ranging from Primebar, to Baboush, to Mesa, to Townhouse -- eat as much as you want, because much like the gas pumps used by poor people, it's self-serve.Taste Curbside: After late-'90s Ed Norton does terrible things to your face, stuff it with chow from trucks like Ssahm BBQ, Rockstar Bakeshop, The Butcher's Son, and Taste of Home, here making its Dallas debut with Chitown numbers like the Italian Beef (check that fat bastard of a sandwich out right here), which'll put you in a food coma you won't wake from 'til it's Morning in America.