Food & Drink


Started by two women hell-bent on exiting their business/legal jobs, Fullosophie delivers two things to Dallas doorsteps: regionally sourced, "real, gourmet" pre-made meals, and powerful statements on the nature of existence, like "not to be underestimated is the power of a good mimosa". To ensure the promised regionality, they're tapping providers including Matador Meat, TJ's Seafood, The Mozzarella Company, Windy Meadows Farms, Hot Buns, Round Rock Honey, and Three Happy Cows, who have nothing to be smiling about since you're clearly not Eeting Mor Chickn.Their weekly-rotating offerings draw on published recipes, from Bon Appetit's bourbon-peach-glazed braised brisket (actually based on brisket & turkey sausages), to Gourmet's Greek-style grilled leg of lamb w/ banana-peppered falafel. Ordering a la carte's surprisingly cheap, while packages go from individual weekly programs all the way up to a monthly that feeds a "busy family of five", or four if they were smart and delivered one of those kids to someone else's doorstep.